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Director of Infrastructure & Environment

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the mandate of this role is to manage key Council assets and personnel in order to deliver safe, efficient, effective and compliantservices to our stakeholders (Council, community, businesses, visitors, State and Cth governments).Leading a large directorate, you will:a) drive a culture of accountability, safe work practices and continual improvement;b) continue to uphold and further embed goodpractices; c) drive the implementation of systems and processes to improve compliance and performance where appropriate.You will help to develop and sustain long term relationships with capable consultancies to ensure Council’s workforce and executive team are strengthened and reliably supported by experienced and expert guidance (in pest management, turf management, swimming pool operations, water and wastewater treatment, re-seal programming etc.).The Director of Infrastructure & Environment leads and directs 55 staff across the following functions:• Infrastructure/Operations: water and sewer, buildings and facilities• Works: rural roads, town streets, parks and gardens• Airport Operations at the Cloncurry Airport• Planning & Environment: waste management, pest management, local laws, planning (with assistance from CEO and Corporate Services)Key Selection Criteria• A degree in engineering, science, project management, business or a related discipline• Demonstrated senior management experience in Works/Engineering Services or related area, preferably with a specialisation in one or more of the following areas:transport infrastructure, and/or water and sewer operations, .• Success developing and embedding good/better/best practice across departments.• Demonstrated experience in managing people.• Demonstrated success in departmental/organisational change initiatives.• Demonstrated experience in developing and managing budgets.• Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate with a wide range of people, both orally and in writing.• Conflict resolution and negotiation skills of a high order including extensive experience in stakeholder engagement including demonstrated public speaking, publicrelations and media skills.• Experience in strategic planning, policy and procedure formulation and establishment of monitoring and reporting systems and budgets.https://lgaqld.applynow.net.au/jobs/PEAK566 This position is currently being recruited for through Peak Services for more information or to apply please visit the following link:  Applications Close at 10:00pm on the 12 April 2023  AUD Cloncurry 4824